Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Knives on Planes - Does it make a difference?

Airplane allowed knives
There has been a big debate going around about US passengers now being able to carry on some items that were once considered dangerous. TSA is now permitting its passengers to carry on small knives with blades no larger than 2 inches.
Most other places in Europe allow their passengers to carry small knives, but after 9/11 american tightened up because we thought banning blade would make the flight a safer place.

Before 9/11 no one even considered using a box cutter to take over an airplane so it worked and american wont be duped again....
The big issues are a little difficult to nail down...on the one hand allowing pocket knives will keep the securities attention on more dangerous things (like bombs).
If everyone has a knife then it is less likely for someone to attempt to take over the plane with only a knife..

On the other hand.....
The flight attendants do not want this to happen. They have to keep their clients safe, quiet and satisfied. Imagine an angry person stuck in a confined space for three hours. Now add in a crying child and a stupid in flight movie....this person is not close to thinking about using any object to inflict bodily harm.

It seems humans will be pre-screened in order to pass through much information will the airport security gather? Will they share all that information with foreign countries?

There seems to be a slippery slope with "pre-screen"

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