Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ravage Approved: Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli is my favorite animated video production company founded in June 1985. It is paired up with Disney so most of these movies are good for kids to watch and also interesting for adults to watch.
However some of these movies have a good amount of adult content. I have seen almost all of them and I will briefly describe my favorite ones.

Princess Mononoke - Kodama 
1. Princess Mononoke  - A cute tale of a young prince that has been cursed by a forest demon. Now that young prince must leave his dying village in an attempt to cure himself and right the world.

Howl's Moving Castle
2. Howls Moving Castle - Another cute love story. A great wizard fighting both sides of the same war finds a wandering old lady out in the "wastes". This old lady happens to be a young girl that has been cursed by a fat witch who is after Howls heart.

Spirited Away
3. Spirited Away - A little girl and her family are moving. They happen to get side tracked and wander through an abandoned theme park. The parents wander to a buffet and start eating...and keep eating and eating. The little girl refuses food and begins to wander. Soon her parents turn into pigs and soon spiritual apparitions begin to fill up the abandoned park.

4. Laputa - castle in the sky - Funny how all these stories are generally centered around a young spirit filled girl. This one starts out with a girl in distress being held captive in a large dirigible. She falls out of the aircraft and a magical gemstone nullifies gravity enough for her to float softly to the ground. The rest of the movie is about two forces trying to obtain the secrets of Laputa. Which is a massive floating island.

5. Tales from earthsea - This story revolves around a young boy who kills his father the king and steals his sword. Soon after a wizard finds the young man and helps him stay out of trouble. This story is a little slow for me but eventually the good wizard fights the bad wizard. The young man and a young girl overcome the black mage and restore balance to the world

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