Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Frisbee Golf - Devils Glen Bettendorf Iowa

Devils Glen
 There are three disc courses in Bettendorf Iowa and the first one to be reviewed is my least favorite. This course is located in and around Devils Glen park. Unfortunately the course has only twelve holes, which is a little odd. What this course lacks in holes it makes up in a nice scenic view. The first hole starts behind the baseball diamond and continues to wind around through the park. There are a few holes that take you a little too close to the duck creek so make sure to keep your disc flying right or you will be wasting time in the water.

Area map for Devils glen

 Overall this is a nice, well kept disc course that keeps the players entertained with a mix of short straight holes and some holes that take you into the forest. Not too many difficult technical holes that are too difficult to play. Unfortunately there are only twelve holes, but if you are looking for a nice quick round of discing for intermediate players. Below is a course map for Devils Glen. 
This is the course map for Devils Glen Disc Course

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