Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mad Men the Television Series by AMC

 Mad Men

This tv series Mad Men on the surface is all about the glamour and drama of Madison Avenue during the birth of advertising. The men are wealthy and every executive office is complete with a liquor bar. Red lips are perfectly set on the faces of women in dresses looking to please all the men around them. Entertaining clients to their fullest means drinks during meetings, drinks after meetings at lunch or dinner and a host of other shenanigans that involves female company and a near fraternity like atmosphere.  

However there is so much time spent on developing the characters and relationships that you soon find yourself watching a dramatized history lesson on world events and the social progression of race, class, and gender in the early 1960’s.

Some of the favorite characters include Joanie aka “Red” who is great at using all her physical and mental assets to earn the respect of the men she works with. Don Drapper is unapologetic man who gets what he wants all the time, and you’ll find yourself hating and loving him in unison.
Betty Drapper is the mother who is emotionally a child and viewers would like to send her to a time out. She is a stereotypical 1960’s suburban housewife, except this housewife takes her frustration out on her young and impressionable daughter, Sally.
These men are mad.

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