Saturday, May 7, 2011

Be the Source...the source for everything

This is the new ravage direction....Be the source. Everything I want and everything I need I will have. My very first plants are beginning to germinate and I can see little green sprouts popping up out of the soil. This makes me very happy to know I can make something as simple as plant growth happen. I want to begin very small and simple and slowly make my way to bigger and rarer plants.

I am currently looking for potential customers interested in fresh will still take a few weeks before any leaves will be ready to consumption.

This is just the beginning of the first phase. Ravage Ritual is not about a video game anymore...its still a game though just now it is a game about my is still on my list of things to do and I should have plenty of time in the future to learn about programming.

Little basil sprouts reaching for sunlight

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