Friday, February 11, 2011

Java...where to start...what to do. Java as a second language

Well after reading tutorials all day...I have not learned much except a whole new list of jargon I need to learn.
Coding a program is a huge and daunting seems there are millions of people attempting to make a game but hardly anyone achieves the task. I will be joining those masses soon enough.
First thing to do if you want to do any took me a while to realize this little fact.
That step is the only thing I have to do is read thousands of pages of text between working two jobs....That will not stop me here an now...I will keep on keeping on with the help of all those following the ritual. We will get somewhere in due time...I am actually trying to make contact with some game developers so I can get my ideas into motion....

Here is a nice introduction I found to help set up an initial grid for an interface
Okay so now I can have a grid....but I have no values and no attributes no variables ...which is okay but now all I need to learn is how to get NPC's to and search out users.
This may take a good long time...

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