Tuesday, December 10, 2013

House of Cards - A Netflix Original

Now here is a truly excellent series brought to us by Netflix. If you like tv series like Scandal and Political Animals then you will certainly love House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. It is up beat and edgy, talking about important issues that plague us current day. As the episode progresses Kevin Spacey will sometimes take a moment to personal chat with us, the viewers, to fill us in on some important bit of information we may need about a political figure.

Kevin Spacey's character is attempting to get a different position to get out of his current rut, but when he does not get the promotion he deserves.....well that where the series gets interesting. We see the dark side of the main character, the scheming and planning side. He eventually meets up with someone in the press and begins to trickle interesting information to her.

American the beautiful

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