Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Current Stuff and Things: Red Equal, Sully, The Voice and MCR

Several current events to touch on this week...first of all is this bizarre red equal sign that is popping up everywhere, then the voice has started with a couple new coaches for season four. Second My chemical romance is split up and third Yahoo buys Summly website for a large amount of money.

Red Equal To Sign
The red equal sign signifies the right for gay marriage. Is it a equal to sign or a not equal to sign is the question...let us all believe in this world that one human is just the same as another human....that means that any two consenting humans are equal to sign a bonding contract with one another....don't see the world through hate and pain....equal to sign.

Shakira and Usher join Adam and Blake for the next season and this one promises to be just as good as the last. Last night there were a few good voices and some really young ones as well....seems to me that mr. entertainer of the year, Blake Shelton, cannot make a bad decision...when it comes to the voice 2013 season four Blake has the Midas touch.

My Chemical Romance
In other news My Chemical Romance will not be a group be honest with you folks this band lost it after their first album, which is generally the case with "breakout" alternative groups like MCR. I am not sad to see them split now....I was sad when their music quality went down the drain a few years back.

Summly is an internet mobile app that grabs snippets of news and makes them better suited for mobile devices....this kid made the app from his bedroom at age 15 and now at age 17 he sold it to yahoo for approximately 30 million dollars (90% cash 10%stock) and he now will be the youngest employee at yahoo.

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