Thursday, February 20, 2014

Post Human Trilogy Book Review

I happened upon this trilogy while browsing through amazon prime. My overall opinion on this series....its above average.

So we are on Earth...and the current regime in control is an odd group of soldiers called "purists"....these people do not believe in any sort of augmentation and they hate anyone human who has been augmented.The rebel group is lead by this man who has developed/developing an Artificial Intelligence...along with a pretty sweet augmentation for humans and other technological advancements. They have gotten advanced to the point where people can be reanimated as long as their bodies don't sustain too much damage. These rebels (post humans) have developed tiny robots that live in the human and repair/rebuild damaged parts so they are relatively difficult to kill but certainly not impossible. What makes the post humans more difficult to kill is their tiny fission reactor implanted into the base of their spinal cord. This augmentation allows them to produce a magnetic field of varying degrees.Three main abilities of post humans include: protective cocoon, flight, and disruptive blasts of energy that will render humans unconscious.Anyhow so the purists are after the post humans because they fear the Artificial Intelligence. Before the battle to destroy the post humans happens a newly animated body (old timer they call him later on) gets tricked and ends up being injected with the AI. He is then put on the platform and sent through to a different time and space, where the purists cannot follow, or so they hoped. He ends up somewhere in the arctic circle with no idea how to operate his cocoon and no flight...he is about to die and the AI has not had an opportunity to integrate into his system yet. He falls into the water and is about to die when he remembers he can fly! However he has not gone through the calibration process and just when he gets out of the water he has to go back down in order to complete the calibration.....he almost dies because of this costly error...but eventually the AI guides him to a massive ship, but he is still about to succumb to hypothermia and the AI cannot make his stay awake. Eventually the AI gives him a shock that wakes him from this near death and Craig/Old timer comes to realize his is on the titanic just before its going to collide with the ice berg.The AI tried to tell him to leave events alone but he insists on changing the events of the past. So Craig and the AI make the ship run head first into the iceberg instead of the historic glancing blow. The ships stays afloat, but unfortunately the purists have followed through using another platform and they sink the ship. This makes Craig very sad as he makes his way back to his platform. His next jump takes him to the scene of 9/11....again he wants to intervene and again the purists follow him and make the buildings crash anyhow....this really makes Craig he goes to confront the purists and realize he knows the fact they served before together and Craig allows himself to be taken into custody.
After the assault on the post humans only like three of them remain alive and two are in captivity. The one that is alive and gets away is the father of this technology and he can make contact with the other post humans until they ultimately get murdered.
The end of book one happens when the AI gets into the mainframe for the entire world and ends this silly battle between the purists and the post humans.
The next two books lead up toward this massive battle across the solar system.There is terraforming on Mars and VenusPost Humans are now very common and the purists are only a tiny portion of their former might.Everyone has nanobots in their bodies and fission reactors in their spines....
Without ruining the book or going into too much detail things start to go haywire soon enough and the machines turn on the humans....this is when the series gets really interesting so if you want a good Sci Fi book then I certainly recommend

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