Thursday, June 13, 2013

Have Spacesuit Will Travel

A book about a boy who hoped to visit the moon.

This is an excellent stand alone Heinlein  A young boy growing up in a small town. He has to make a decision about his future after he graduates from high school. The main character is pretty smart and quite handy with machines. He really wants to go to the moon and there is a contest sponsored by some soap company. The best slogan wins a trip to the moon. Our main character puts in as many slogans as he can think of before the deadline.

Spoiler AlertHe doesn't win first place but he wins a space suit. He gets the thing into working order and takes it for a test drive. He set up a radio receiver in the barn to echo back his radio transmissions but when he called out he heard more than his own voice calling back.

The image we see on the front cover of the book happens right at this moment. He was calling out to 'space' and the pilot of this flying saucer landed on his beacon. This bizarre creature comes out followed by another spacesuit.

More things come out of the spaceship and our main character finds himself in a world of trouble. He has be stripped of all his things and put into a cell. Eventually he realizes they are on the moon and he attempts to meet back up with the other human and make an escape attempt.
So the other human, who is a young girl, the main character and this animal trek across the surface of the moon to try and make it to another outpost just to realize they are in more trouble then they could have imagined.

The little critter that is with them is quite an interesting character. She has the ability to make everyuone feel very at she is this mother figure. She is part of a council that patrols the universe for bad species....much like the ones our main character ran into.

Eventually they make to from earth to the moon to pluto then to some bizzare place where the mother being lives and finally.....after almost losing it all, our two human characters make it all the way back to earth.

Very good book....many fun twists and turns. Highly Recommended

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