Sunday, April 27, 2014

League of Legends - Play it for free

League of Legends
Here is my review for League of Legends on the computer. All in all this is a pretty awesome game. If you have ever played a game like world of warcraft, starcraft or any other game like that you will like League of Legends.

Pick your player and dive into the game.
Every week there are free characters to play like a dozen to choose from. You earn money and experience when you play games, if you win you obviously get more points.
There are champions of all sorts. Ones with magic ranged, ones up close and personal and even some sneaky ones.
Kog Maw

I prefer to play either the rough tough melee characters or the ranged squishy characters. No matter what character you choose as long as you have good teamwork you will probably win. My current favorite is a character called "Kog Maw" he is like a prehistoric bug that has a really awesome Ultimate Ability.

League of Legends

There is a small downfall to the game.....every so often the client will lagg out and you will need to restart the game. However if you get disconnected in the middle of a game you can always "reconnect" back into the game. That idea is very cool!

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