Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Take a moment to consider the following...

This next election 

will decide the fate of 


please take a moment out of your day and 

give this post a read.

I want to make something clear to every person who has

attending college over the last 4 years with the assistance of

 federally funded student loans and grants, your education 

would not be possible under a Romney Ryan presidency. I 

am so proud to be a college graduate and I thank President

 Obama for that, my parents thank him for that; I think 

everyone should be thankful that I could get an education,

 get a job, buy a home with my best friend, purchase durable 

goods (washer,dryer, refrigerator), and pay taxes that fix 

roads, pay for public education, and fund programs for my 


A little mud slinging from either side should not blind you to 

the apparent facts....if America chooses the wrong president 

everyone who doesn't already have money will never ever get money

The cycle will repeat

and we will fall into a regression again and again and again

Top down economy will never work...rich people don't 

believe in America anymore. They would much rather go live

 in their mansion in Dubai than spend their money

 re-investing in the American Dream

Long Live Obama
May he help American in our time of need

1 comment:

  1. You're so ... short sighted.

    First, the REASON education cost so much is BECAUSE government is a consumer in that industry. As a matter of fact, EVERY industry where the government is a consumer, the cost of doing business is high. Thats WHY government becomes a consumer in that industry in the first place ... to cause the cost to rise so people like you give up what you have (money in taxes, freedom of choice) to the government to take care of you.

    I'm GLAD you pay taxes. But the honest truth is, if government was NOT a consumer in higher education, colleges would have to reduce the number of administrators and cut the cost of tuition to survive. Or to put it differently, they would have to modify their product so consumers were able to afford it.

    You STILL would have been able to go to college. Only then, you would be able to keep the WHOLE of your accomplishments instead of having to "thank President Obama for that".