Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Remodeling the upstairs

Last time I tried this post the pictures were quite poor quality so I am going to try again...
Our upstairs bathroom was decent but in need of some serious work....and while we are at it the girl and I wanted the laundry room up there as well. Here we go...

 This was a whole bunch of fun!! Plaster is definatly not awesome to tear down. I was having a rough time until I went to the hardware store and got a Saw Zaw...this little tool made things much easier. Make sure to wear eye protection and a face mask when removing plaster.

This will be our new space for the laundry room....we took some space from a third bedroom to make the laundry area an acceptable size

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  1. Wow...those pictures didn't get better at all...sorry everyone. I will try harder.