Saturday, December 10, 2011

What is "Epic Reseller"?

What is an Epic Reseller? is my most recent investment. It sounded like a very good idea at the time, with the stock market up and down on a daily basis I wanted to spend money on a more stable commodity. I wanted to find something that I could sell...but not something I had to make, or a service I had to provide. Having a blog with random topics is great for getting traffic from Google image search, but that doesn't get me a very captive audience. With a product to offer I now have a reason to make blog posts.
Step One: Get the name out there.
-In order to get recognized people need to find your website...for that to happen you need to get the URL out there...this is phase one of getting the URL "out there". Social networking has come a long way in the past few years, and it is very easy to get a name out into the interwebs. Like little pebbles in the pond my URL will ripple through twitter, facebook, blogspot and whatever else I can use.
Step Two: Get Customers
-Offer discount- announce through social media the first few customers will get on the "discount list" and all further purchases will be the absolute lowest price possible.
-After I have established a name for myself all I need to do is point people in the right direction. Google Adwords is a useful tool for this, but you have to pay to get noticed....with a negative income already this may be join all sorts of facebook groups dealing with domains/hosting/ssl and get your URL out there.
Step Three: Wait
-Sit back and watch for activity, continue to make blog posts with updates on products....keep searching for that one domain name that will net 100K....retire happy
Who knows if this will work, but I intend to give it the 'ol college try.
Epic Reseller is the first domain name I have bought, with so many 'epic' things people are searching for I figured this name was appropriate. The website is a storefront for every online product you could ever need: domain names, hosting, SSL, even merchant accounts. This is a 24/7 operation always operating just waiting for customers, and any customer with a question or concern can get support 24/7.
The only thing that I am not currently offering is the domain auction house, for that you will need to head on over to godaddy and get yourself a 5$ membership for a year. 
I really wanted to get a domain named "Kodama" but that is already I tried "Mononoke" and found that it was work a whole lot of money....I will try and find that perfect domain name.

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