Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Better Sales Techniques - Use Archetypes

Better Sales techniques = Using Archetypes

Money Archetypes- Psychological research ( the Livingston Group) has shown that people often relate themselves to an Archetype and communicating with this Archetype can make ones marketing message much more powerful IE. Abused/misunderstood/frightened child. These archetypes are not just what they see themselves as but also the situation and other protagonists IE. The Villain boss or society, The helper hero, etc.

It works very well when you can identify the customers self perception. The questions you ask seem to be the key to knowing what archetype they most associate with at the moment. The formal investigation used cards with pictures to identify archetypes. In selling one has to subtly ask questions that revel this. “Do you sometimes feel this whole system is against you?”
Since I am new to this, if some of you have an idea as to what questions might be reveling I would appreciate input that you might want to give.

So before you try and push any idea...think first, find out what motivates your customer...then design a plan to make them feel comfortable with your product...or service or whatever.

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