Friday, September 30, 2011

Samurai Warriors 2 for the Xbox360

I am continuously searching for the best hack and slash co op game for the xbox 360 and recently I came across Samurai Warriors 2. This game is much like any of the dynasty warriors game in regards to leveling up a character and taking over a battlefield. There are endless soldiers to kill and as your specific player levels they get easier and easier to kill.
You start out with maybe eight original characters to play through and as you finish wash storyline you will get an achievement and unlock another character. When you start playing remember you are level one with no weapon so I would recommend playing on easy until you can get some money and find a stronger weapon. I also advise in buying all the 'growth' skills as early on as possible because they grow everytime your player levels should go without saying that you level up faster in the beginning.
There is only three things you can 'equip' as it were so that layer of customobility is quite low.

Weapon: depending on the difficulty setting you can find better weapons with available slots and possibly elemental attributes can't pick the attributes to add they upgrade randomly from the shop
Guard: the game has three different ones to start with....they are all okay I suppose however my favorite to use was either the ninja, because of fast attack, or the fire ninja, because he used explosives. The fire ninja definatly won the battle a few times...the attacks were best because the explosives would interrupt and knock back enemies
Mount: different types of definatly want a mount they make winning a battle much faster. So invest your money in one.

All in all the game is fun and easy to play with someone who is.not exactly a taker however I am still in search of a better hack and slash. This game gets boring after the 3rd or 4th character.....
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