Monday, May 8, 2017

An anime called Chobits


This is one of the many animated series that started as a manga (aka comic book) and was later turned into a show by that lovely company named funimation.
Chobits starts off innocent enough. The main character is what I like to refer to as a country bumpkin out somewhere in rural China. He doesn't have anyone to talk to besides thr livestock so he has a bad habit or thinking out load.
Hideki Motosuwa wants to go to college but he doesn't get accepted so he decides to take what little money he has saved up and enlist in a prep school in town. Simple story line so far right?
Well his first day in the city he notices everyone has a personal android/robot/computer called persecoms. He really really wants one for internet exploring.....however he cannot afford one. The rest of the day he continues to talk outloud about wanting a persecom but not being able to afford one. Amazing coincidence happens soon...he is thinking out load about finding a cute persecom in the trash as he is walking past one laying in a pile of trash....he gets a few steps past and does a slow motion double take.
He realizes that these human shaped computers are quite heavy when they are not operating, but eventually he gets the unit back to his little appartment. It just so happens this persecom in particular is very cute and the main character is continuously affected by her looks. It takes him a while to figure out where he on/off switch is located and once he figures it out he almost has a heart attack. The main character is unable to see the persecom as a machine and keeps thinking it is a real person.
Okay so the plot is a little more interesting ...but still the viewer is confused by what is actually going on. I mean another anime about a boy and a pretty female robot??
If you have made it this far the plot begins to unravel around this urban legend about legendary persecoms known guessed it "Chobits". It seems as if Chi is one of these legendary machines however all of her data is heavily it is difficult to know for sure. Eventually Hideki Motosuwa gets to see an email attachment with what looks like chi all wired up with a marking on her leg. The persecoms ARM is covering up the first letter but you can clearly see 'hobit' so its safe to assume the first letter is a 'c'.

Chi also begins to read these odd books about "the one for me and only me" ...its difficult at first to be sure but these books seem to be written for/about Chi.
There is now a plot and the anime is worth watching to see what happens to Chi...will she be abducted? Possibly taken back by her maker or so other unknown villan? Will she fall in love with a human? Will the human love her back?

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