Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Frisbee/Disc Golf - Things to consider when starting out

     Okay, you've got some discs but you still aren't throwing very well. Don't feel bad about yourself because throwing a disc is a whole lot different than throwing a regular frisbee. Like any other sport there is very many variables to consider when throwing a disc. Depending on what throw you decide to work on one of the most important variables to remember is to throw your disc level. If you cannot get the disc to start level your throws will never be accurate. It took me almost an entire year of disc practice before I could consistently throw a drive parallel with the ground. The next important thing to remember is the first few steps before you release the disc. Everyone has a different approach to release the disc so you will just have to practice a while until your approach feels 'right'. The main idea is to convert potential energy into kinetic energy....we will get into that idea is a video to show an example of an approach. The cool thing here is the fact that my 'talent' can throw left and right handed....this is pretty rare. Anyhow watch the hand gestures before he throws and also keep an eye on his body motion. All of those odd gestures help a discer to remember to throw level.

Thanks for watching and support the ritual

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