Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To my ravage followers...the revolution is in Fractured Scribe

I am sorry I have been away from the computer for this long....I am sure you have all been suffering from my lack of posting however I have been taking pictures and preparing posts for the future.

Currently I am seeking out artists who are prepared to work for no money but you will get your name out to the public and hopefully in the future payment can be arranged. I need a great artist who is willing to help illustrate a few scenes from my science fiction novel.
You can find the current work here: Ravaged Earth: Untitled Ellipsis

Fractured Scribe is the future and as a young author I will be working along side of this blog...I hope all my followers will do the same.

Fractured Scribe

If you are an author and have any piece of work any at all please feel free to submit your work for the public to see...gain favor and you will gain coin in return.

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