Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Gift from a Girl that has become a Ghost

A gift from a girl who became a ghost
There once was a girl just who worked at a bar. She drove from out of town in her car
She was caring and very ambitions, but then all those boys they were so vicious.
She had one friend that would always listen...they played outside so their skin would glisten
But then the girl left town and turned into a ghost never to be heard from again...

Llama ...

This is a Llama...or a giraffe. Something more like a llamaraft and it greats me every time I leave the house! Its really cute but a little unstable.

Hopefully I may even have things like this to sell in the future. This item is currently not for sale but if you check out the "Back Alley Merchant" you will find all sorts of things

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