Monday, December 16, 2013

Entropia Universe - Mind Ark please make Sweating more useful

Entropia Universe
Entropia Universe is an awesome MMORPG. A lot of people don't give it a chance because it is very difficult to make PED to continue your hunting/mining/crafting efforts....I like the game but I really feel as though it could be better....and MindArk know it could be better too...

Sweating - One of the very few free things to do, currently being traded at about 2PED per 1000....the demand is incredibly low and the usefulness of the sweat is basically when you are new you spend hours and hours out around Camp Icarus sweating and after you die about 100 times you have about 200 bottles of you gotta get back out there and get more sweat....then after an entire day of mindlessly sweating you make maybe 2ped...that will get you like 100 shots with a laser rifle...which will kill you like 10 mobs and the loot from those mobs will be maybe .5 ped you get back to sweating.....

Mind Ark please please please make sweat more useful...I know you don't want to let anyone get ahead easily, but remember the more money low level players make the more money they will spend. If you would just make the demand for sweat more worthwhile the game would be much more profitable.

You gotta make sweat useful in the crafting of ammunition or something to level the playing field here.
If you are having trouble getting started check out this should help.

Earn Peds While Sweating

Okay so we need Sweating to be more useful...what else?
More stuff needs to be interactive for the lower level characters....from buildings, to pets to even plants...something more than Hunt Sweat Craft Trade
I know this works but lets get a little creative with some more interesting stuff to do to keep players logging on

Mind Force is kinda dull and really expensive to get into....Entropia could use a Serious Upgrade to the whole mind force things...summoning spells, spells to survey and probe for ore....spells to grow things, spells to harvest things....I can only imagine Entropia is make major $$$$$ so please lets make things a little more interesting for the players that can't deposit 100$ a week.


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