Monday, June 11, 2012

The Maltipoo Named Theodore

This is the first picture of the new maltipoo...he was not a very good car passenger and once we got to Cedar Rapids he was going to puke and in an attempt to save the jeep from getting filled with puppy puke I tried to catch it in my hands....and all over my clothes.

The story of Theodore

It was the girlfriends birthday the other day and she told me what she really wanted more than anything was a after searching the internet and scanning local newspapers we came across a nice family of dog breeders 45 minutes south of waterloo near a small town called vining.
When we arrived there were happy dogs all over the place to welcome us into the families home. There were 3 maltipoo male puppies available to choose from and the decision was very difficult. Eventually we even resorted to flipping a coin and drawing straws. After about half an hour the birthday present was decided and we were the proud parents of a beautiful puppy with no name.
Since we were so close to Cedar Rapids we decided to visit our good friend Kelly ...because she loves fluffy puppies. It took almost an entire day of brainstorming for names when we finally landed on Theodore Cash Wellswolf aka Teddy....but I like to call him tink, because he is just a puppy and tinkles on the floor sometimes...but we are working on that.
Teddy is our most prized possession...he is so fluffy we all might die

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