Saturday, August 30, 2014

Casshern Sins the animated series

Casshern Sins

I encountered this anime on netflix. The plot is pretty simple to understand yet this anime was compelling to finish. This anime was drawn with some detail but not to much, it was elegant to watch. 
The story starts out with this character in all white without a scratch on him. He apparently has done something very traumatic and unforgivable. Casshern has killed "the sun called moon". Mortality is a thing for only humans to worry about. There are not many humans left in the world, they all tend to be wanderers watching the ruin destroy the robots....however once the sun called moon was killed the world began to succumb to 'ruin'. This is the main idea behind the storyline.

Buraiking Boss

There is a massive robot army lead by a big baddie named Buraiking Boss (Braiking Boss), but he has left his armies in search for an answer to the 'ruin'. All the robots have gone crazy about their sudden mortality and really want to destroy Casshern. He is unarmed except for some really weird pistols that never get used except for jet propulsion. Casshern can easily dispatch foes with his bare hands....except for some other androids who are trying to take over the world. They are built in the same style as Casshern however they are succumbing to ruin slowly....the lead android is a woman with some interesting armor, she has interesting weapons that actually get used as swords once or twice.

Casshern vs robot
Eventually Casshern and his crew, a robot dog called friender, some humans and a small child robot,  discover that the sun called moon, Luna, was actually killing robots not healing them....however there has been whispers about a new Luna born to end the ruin. I don't want to spoil too much, but this simplistic serious drama is a definite must see for all anime fans.

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