Thursday, March 17, 2011

The life of the Ravaged...A look into PHP coding

Its St. Patty's day and we all know what that means...drunken idiots stumbling and bumbling their way through the streets. I am reminded of The Boondock Saints "Truuu laa ruu laa luuu raa" you remember its because the mafia guys who were attacked found themselves in the wrong alley. 

Anyhow as it has been said earlier progress is a slow process but with the help from those who want to see the ritual unfold...I will continue on the path and get ever closer to my goal. It seems I am now interested in learning PHP coding also seeing as how it will allow me to run my program on my computer for other people to access.

I don't know much about PHP but I will not stop my seems I have found a place to start

Learning PHP tutorial

Perhaps if I study this for a while I may learn something of use....
  • PHP is a server side language
  • Runs on your web server
  • No compatibility issues
  • Becoming widely used
Okay and as we continue through the tutorial... Why bother with PHP?
  • Opens possibilities for the user to custom make scrips
  • Better "interactive" scrips
  • More professional and clean website
Okay thats great but... What do I need to get started?
  • Not much at all besides motivation
  • A text editor 
  • A web host that allows PHP (its a free download)
  • Starting is easy...
And now we get to the first ever code. It seems there are three basic set of tags that can be used to start and end a line of code....I found this example at the tutorial first mentioned...

PHP Code In Here

PHP Code In Here

<script language="php">
PHP Code In Here

Each set of these tags works the same so it will be beneficial to remember them.
My first ever script is a single line "phpinfo();"  This is a simple code that will tell the server to print out a table of information about the server...nothing very interesting.

Note: The semicolon at the end of the line. All lines will end with a semicolon otherwise there will be errors

---End First Lesson--- 

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