Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Its the Truth about SEO tips

seo tips 2013
The best SEO tips - there aren't any
That may be a little drastic to say but after doing some research on SEO, I discovered the best advice is to be natural with your content.

Google is a huge company and we rely on them everyday for so many things...yes there are other search engines but we all know google has all the best stuff. If you have found you are having trouble generating traffic to your website you may have caused yourself to get blocked from google search results. There are other search engines with different algorithms for SEO but the key here is there are no tricks anymore. Google and other search engines are getting smarter to stop bad content.

Try harder

It's better to bad a real "following" rated than just a bunch of key words.... So that is what I will be focusing on and hopefully I will generate more real people with real interest because I may know them and have something in common with them. Instead of only having one main way to generate traffic to your content try to diversify your online presence. This can be achieved by many different ways but the key is to have real people interested in something. Empire Avenue is a good way to start to diversify your online presence.

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