Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More on my quest to learn about the Java language

 I have asked this question many many times and I seem to get the same answer..."Is learning java difficult" and the answer is simple. Learning any new language is difficult however with determination it can be done.

Make no mistake about it: Java is a programming language. If you find Pascal hard, you won't care for Java. Writing in Java may be different in degree from C or C++, but it is not different in kind.
Is Java easy to learn? It may be somewhat easier than C or C++. Not because its syntax is any simpler, but more because there are fewer surprises. (Try explaining the difference between a C pointer and its array implementation some time. And C++ adds lots of its own peculiarities, like temporary variables that hang around long after the function that created them has terminated.)
Is Java easier to use? Again the answer is a firm maybe, possibly, perhaps. It eliminates explicit pointer dereferences and memory allocation/reclamation. These two features are the source of many of the hardest-to-find bugs C programmers have to deal with. And Java does add array bounds checking, so out-of-range subscripts are easy to find. It's too soon to tell whether Java is really easier or just seems that way because no one is writing anything truly complex with it.

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